Finally we're going camping!

It’s been my wish for years: taking the family on a camping trip. The freedom always seemed ideal for our 2 boys, Jayson and Lyam. Their father was never very anxious to go camping. He prefers a sunbed by the pool in some hotel. Not that I do not like tha... Read more

Camper Van Essentials

Andrew Ditton shows you his most required essentials whilst travelling
Andrew Ditton has recently spent 5 weeks travelling in a Sun Living V60SP. During his travels he has found the time to take you around the van and talk you through his most favorite and necessary things to pack on his travels. View the video here Read more

Andrew Ditton on the road

Andrew Ditton has been busy exploring the beauty of Scotland over the festive period and has now moved onto the Outer Hebrides. Along with his dog Dougal, Andrew has had some great adventures so far and we are loving the photos! Here are a few of our favo... Read more

Walking the dog!

A motorhome is great to take your dog with you for different reasons. First, traveling is easier for them compared to flights for example. So instead of finding a dog sitter, you can probably take your dog, depending on size, the place you travel etc. Als... Read more

10 family hacks to explore more space

A family of 5, another baby on the way, and a dog – this sounds like living in a van could get very tricky. So, it’s important to make use of space, but not only focus on function, also adapt some things to personal needs and turn it into yours.Budget is... Read more

Big family test

We are a family with a big passion for boardsports and outdoor activities, not counting in grandpa, grandma and the uncles, it was the five of us who decided to travel in a motorhome and find out if the kids would love being on the road. Our kids are thr... Read more