Wet, cold and perfect

Brouwersdam in the Netherlands was again the host of the European Freestyle Pro Tour finals. At DAM-X our two champion friends, Lina and Val Eržen again amazed the crowd and the competition proving that they can compete against much older competitors and... Read more

Motorhome vs. sailing holidays

We are a family changing our course. We used to go on sailing holidays but now we went with a motorhome for the first time. Such a relaxed start; we park the motorhome behind our house and start packing. Spacious cupboards are filled with clothing, grocer... Read more

Explore news Places: Kebnekaise, Sweden

Climbing on Sweden´s highest mountain within a Sun Living campervan
Camper vans continue to increase in popularity and the large supply makes the proportion of younger users increase. More and more families go mobile but also younger couples or friends who are involved in developing outdoor activities and sports are attra... Read more

Climbing, crab fishing and three kids in a Sun Living (part 2)

Here are our tips for a successful, active motorhome holiday with children.
The whole of Sweden will remember this summer, which will go down in history as one of the hottest and driest ever. It was also a summer when we had the opportunity to have a dream holiday with the family. It went so much better than we had hoped. The Sun... Read more

A young family are enjoying exploring new places in their new purchase

When deciding upon a motorhome as a family getaway vehicle and making such a financial investment, it is not a decision you make lightly. Joe Taylor, along with his partner and young toddler decided upon the V Series 65SL and are having a great time exploring! Read more

Sun Living - The choice of champions!

She's only 13. He's only 11. Yet they are both windsurfing champions! Lina and Val Eržen are the future of windsurfing. Their enthusiasm for the waves started at a really early age. Sponsored by their father Igor, a big windsurfing lover, Val first stood... Read more

Finally we're going camping!

It’s been my wish for years: taking the family on a camping trip. The freedom always seemed ideal for our 2 boys, Jayson and Lyam. Their father was never very anxious to go camping. He prefers a sunbed by the pool in some hotel. Not that I do not like tha... Read more

Camper Van Essentials

Andrew Ditton shows you his most required essentials whilst travelling
Andrew Ditton has recently spent 5 weeks travelling in a Sun Living V60SP. During his travels he has found the time to take you around the van and talk you through his most favorite and necessary things to pack on his travels. View the video here Read more

Andrew Ditton on the road

Andrew Ditton has been busy exploring the beauty of Scotland over the festive period and has now moved onto the Outer Hebrides. Along with his dog Dougal, Andrew has had some great adventures so far and we are loving the photos! Here are a few of our favo... Read more

Walking the dog!

A motorhome is great to take your dog with you for different reasons. First, traveling is easier for them compared to flights for example. So instead of finding a dog sitter, you can probably take your dog, depending on size, the place you travel etc. Als... Read more

10 family hacks to explore more space

A family of 5, another baby on the way, and a dog – this sounds like living in a van could get very tricky. So, it’s important to make use of space, but not only focus on function, also adapt some things to personal needs and turn it into yours.Budget is... Read more

Big family test

We are a family with a big passion for boardsports and outdoor activities, not counting in grandpa, grandma and the uncles, it was the five of us who decided to travel in a motorhome and find out if the kids would love being on the road. Our kids are thr... Read more

Exploring new places: Bohinj, Slovenia

Explore the autumn colours with Sun Living
A warm October and the change of season, as reflected by nature, is an unbeatable combination. So if you fancy an off-season holiday tour or even an active weekend, head for the hills and follow the rainbow. Nature’s colours this year are exceptional, pos... Read more

Exploring New Places: Cornwall, UK

September in England, a surprising place to explore
Feel like exploring somewhere new? If you live in Europe and haven’t yet visited the South West of the UK, then you should put it on your ‘to do’ list. If you live in the UK and haven’t been or at least not lately, we were massively impressed with the Cor... Read more

Exploring New Spaces

Time to hide-away
The concept of vario-space isn’t new, for any designer the concept that one space can accommodate many different functions is an appealing one. With new Sun Living our designers have taken the concept one step further, where living space itself becomes th... Read more

Exploring New Places

Sardinia, it’s a wild new experience.
There’s 1850km of coastline in Sardinia and this fiercely independent and stunningly attractive island should be on your ‘new places to go’ list. Officially Sardinia enjoys over 135 sunny days per year and the weather is generally reliable from late sprin... Read more